entrepreneurs & iconoclasts

Entrepreneurship these days is mostly associated with technology start-ups, tech bros, and the singular drive to acquire wealth. This is especially evident in California. Simple proof lives on the landing pages of Fast Company and Entrepreneur. Roughly over 65% of all the major news items of these classic tech publications revolve around existing and emerging technology companies.

Rather, we seek out individuals with products and ideas who find a very loyal, enthusiastic audience based on their dedication to staying close to their ocean roots and making something so unique that major consumer brands can’t touch their value. These people and their businesses directly challenge the status quo by feeding the evolution of small businesses through thought leadership, strong artistic and creative values, passion and rejecting the notion that big companies can satisfy the demand for meaningful products and experiences. For most people, that would seem daunting. But to these individuals, they don’t see how they could do things any other way.

the josh hall story

Josh Hall is a young, ambitious shaper who blends San Diego’s legendary surfing history and culture with progressive designs. In this short film, we dig into his formidable Pacific Beach (“PB”) roots. Josh runs us through seminal life events involving local legends Skip Frye, Joe Roper, and Eric “Bird” Huffman. We learn what specifically led him to his current state of mind and business, though he humbly maintains that his path has been akin to a decree of divine providence. As the heir apparent, Josh balances the weight of the responsibility of carrying on this distinct cultural legacy with his sizable business aspirations.

The jonesea story

"Entrepreneurs and Iconoclasts: The Jonesea Story" is short film by SeaLevelTV's Beth O'Rourke and Jeff den Broeder. It tells the story of Shane Jones, a wetsuit designer and creative force behind Jonesea Wetsuits.