SeaLevelTV was founded in January 2015 by Beth O'Rourke and Jeff Den Broeder, two friends and colleagues with a past in commercial advertising, brand strategy, and producing TV and multi-channel campaigns for global brands. A common deep connection with the ocean, serial storytelling, and short-format films gave way to a concept focusing on original content showcasing exceptional ocean-centric characters. Their high production value, award-winning documentary-style journeys celebrate realness, the intrepid human spirit, and life behind the hype, digging into the beautiful, often vulnerable spaces where true humanity resides.

Recently, SeaLevelTV has garnered “Official Selections” from the Save the Waves Film Festival, the San Francisco Green Film Festival and the San Diego Surf Film Festival.

founder/Director/cinematographer/editor - Jeff den Broeder 

Jeff den Broeder is a San Francisco based director, cinematographer and editor. Born in Silicon Valley, his heart moved him to San Francisco in 1989 after completing a BA in Community Studies at UC Santa Cruz. He found his home in the sub-culture that would later be referred to as the Mission School. Devoting his time to creating underground spaces for music and art he supported himself by driving a taxi at night solidifying his interest in the stories people have to tell.

Building spaces that nurtured arts communities and then documenting them became his passion. In the late nineties he began to collaborate in the creation of design, multi-media and video production boutiques where, writing and producing original television and integrated marketing campaigns for local and global brands (Symantec, Seagate, EVault, Citrix, PBS, Oakland Museum of California, Mollusk Surf Shop) allowed him to hone his visual storytelling skills. 

Now as co-creator, director of photography for SeaLevelTV his camera work can also be found capturing short documentaries about people whose lives are driven by and connected to the ocean, the place he too finds his greatest sustenance. Visualizing and telling stories is his passion. Whether they be cultural documentaries (Forever Chinatown, Not Without Us) or stories that empower brands to communicate their vision, Jeff brings to life the subtle nuances that make each world unique.

Founder/creative director/writer - Beth O'Rourke

Beth O’Rourke is a documentary filmmaker and writer. She recently left her post as an award-winning Creative Director in the advertising industry where she developed and produced cross-channel campaigns for global brands such as Levi’s, Visa, Yahoo, Visa, The Body Shop and Citrix/GoToMeeting. Her latest project, SeaLevelTV, was founded with the aim of producing original, short format series and films that reach past the hype, into hidden corners of ocean-centric-culture.

Beth has been a lifelong competitive athlete in distance running, mountain biking (professional), and surfing. Today, she’s a member of Malibu Surfing Association’s competition team and was awarded 2015 MVP. When she’s not reading, writing or researching new story ideas, she can be found in her old camper van, prowling the coast looking for empty left-handers with her eighteen year old cattle dog and her exuberant, twelve year old son, Jack.